Thomass Jackson

Thomass Jackson is a self-taught musician from Buenos Aires. During his adolescence he experimented with different musical styles until in 1998 he began a close relationship with electronic music thanks to great raves that were given at that time in Argentina.

He begins to frequent recording studios of some friends and two projects are born edited by the Sonic360 label, property of Chris Allison (Producer of The Beta Band and Coldplay). Forming part of the New Wave of Argentina together with projects such as Sleigh, Leandro Fresco and Ciudad Feliz among others.

At the end of the 2000 it begins to publish its music in labels like Gomma Record, Correspondant, Multi Culti and the Dame Noir, having a very good answer from the public. 2016 and 2017 he is seen editing various singles and remixes and two important collaborations, the first with Thomas Von Party) and another with Red Axes on his new album “The Beach Goths”.

He also creates with his partner Inigo Vontier his own record label called “Calypso Records” where they focus on editing Latin American artists with remixers likes Boot & Tax, Dreems, Man Power, Jonathan Kusuma and Simple Symmetry.

In 2018 he edits his last EP in Calypso “Head Rejection” which had a very good acceptance reflected in the total sale of the first edition.

At the moment the label prepares new releases of “edits” with artists of renown in the underground scene such as: Moscoman, Naduve and Pletnev among others.